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Are you looking for Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers 2023 ? If it’s yes, This article collects all questions with answers that will help you get Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers 2023  . The order of the questions may be different from that of your exam. You can use 【Ctrl+F】 to search for the keywords of the questions you encounter, so as to quickly find the answer. If you find any issue in any question or answer while practicing, feel free to contact us. We wish you all the best for the exam.


Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers 2023

1.What is media innovation?

  • developing groundbreaking technological tools
  • finding new and interesting ways of doing things, and finding a solution that matches a need
  • being the first to integrate the latest technological developments into your campaign


2.Among the case studies we reviewed, what brand challenged Twitter users to an interactive “scroll race?”:

  • Glade
  • Burger King
  • Adidas UK
  • Mountain Dew


3.API Marketing Partners assist with the following goals: (select all that apply)

  • audience targeting
  • campaign management
  • advertising analytics
  • creative ad experiences
  • brand voice conception
  • drafting inspirational content


4.What are the essential elements of effective brand voices? (select three)

  • conversational
  • wit
  • real-time
  • authenticity
  • emojis


5.Your campaign goal is customizing video at scale. Which of the following choices is the most likely API solution?

  • digital carting for CPG
  • branding: custom mobile landing pages
  • video personalization
  • lead capture: custom mobile landing pages


6.In our case study, PedidosYa worked with an API Partner to develop a highly targeted campaign using:

  • Carousel Cards
  • Video Ads
  • Twitter Audience Platform
  • Animated GIFs


7.A distinct brand voice allows your brand to: (select all that apply)

  • speak with personality
  • connect with culture
  • offer discounts
  • generate and join conversations


8.The best time to bring the in-house audience insight team into a campaign is:

  • simultaneously with the campaign launch
  • at the conclusion of the campaign
  • before the brand initiative kicks off
  • after the brand initiative kicks off


9.What percentage of users rate Twitter “good” or “great” for brand interaction?

  • 37%
  • 49%
  • 71%
  • nearly 100%


10.Which of the following are components of the OUI Framework? (select all that apply)

  • Initiate
  • Obtain
  • Ideate
  • Observe
  • Utilize
  • Understand


11.In Activision’s case study, the backbone of their successful Warzone campaign was:

  • it was the first brand to gamify Twitter
  • its video content had an unusually high production value
  • its ability to deliver a personalized report to every player in a matter of seconds


12.The attitudes, tone, and substance of your brand’s content should be:

  • sassy but relatable
  • reflective of everything your brand stands for
  • in line with the latest trends


13.When defining your brand voice, first consider the brand’s:

  • goals, plan, and results
  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • origin, journey, and destination


14.Leading brands are more likely to evoke an emotional response in their audiences by a factor of:

  • 5X
  • 2X
  • 8X


15.In our case study, no name’s brand voice stands out because of its:

  • witty, deadpan style
  • optimistic, cheerful style
  • eloquent, elevated style


16.Thinking back to our case studies, what percentage of people on Twitter believe brands should affect positive change in society?

  • 61%
  • 41%
  • >99%
  • <1%
  • 81%


17.What are the two key use cases for when brands should always activate on Twitter? (select two)

  • launching something new
  • selecting the right hashtags
  • ensuring your replies contain GIFs
  • connecting with what’s happening


18.Which element of a creative campaign should be developed first?

  • the technology
  • the insights-based creative idea
  • the data


19.When your brand connects with what’s happening on Twitter, you can see lifts in: (select all that apply)

  • message association
  • purchase intent
  • brand awareness
  • brand preference


20.Twitter Advanced Search allows you to:

  • search, segment, and filter Twitter’s Tweets and profiles
  • protect your brand by participating in conversations anonymously
  • find an API Partner to meet your campaign’s technological needs


21.A Kantar study revealed the correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its purchase intent to be:

  • 65%
  • 73%
  • 58%
  • 44%


22.For more customized research or analysis that gives you a deeper understanding of how Twitter users really think and feel, consider working with:

  • other Twitter users
  • Twitter’s in-house audience insight team
  • an independent consultant


23.Launches typically fall into the following categories: (select all that apply)

  • new messaging
  • new products or features
  • new branding
  • new company leadership


24. In our case study, no name’s Twitter handle isn’t a typical marketing channel primarily because it is a destination for:

  • reliable information and breaking news
  • the best deals and promotions of their products
  • entertainment and conversation


25.According to a Bain study of global brands, marketers that hit their launch KPIs were more likely to include Twitter in their launch mix by what factor?

  • 2.3X
  • 8.2X
  • 5X
  • 1.9X


26.When it comes to conversation on Twitter, successful brands:

  • keep it professional by avoiding engagement
  • always use the full character limit to express themselves more clearly
  • interact exclusively with other brands
  • join existing conversations and inspire new ones


27. How does Twitter help you succeed through the funnel?

  • it offers versatile, ready-made creative content
  • it offers a full suite of ad formats
  • it offers unlimited access to brand leaders


28.The number one reason people come to Twitter is:

  • culture
  • to see what’s happening
  • making money
  • news
  • gossip & entertainment


29.What are three key strengths that characterize Twitter’s audience?

  • growth, insights, conversation
  • targeted, character, community
  • growth, impact, community
  • growth, influence, community




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