Which of the following is a benefit of live chat?

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Which of the following is a benefit of live chat?

  • It’s an easy way to answer complicated questions.
  • It’s immediate.
  • It’s easy to convey tone.
  • All of the above



HubSpot Service Hub Software Certification Exam Answers 2023


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The Service Hub Software Certification verifies your ability to execute an inbound service strategy using Service Hub.

This certification course consists of lessons that discuss HubSpot tools such as help desk, knowledge base, customer portal, customer feedback, and reporting. To showcase your knowledge, you’ll be assessed either through practical exercises or quizzes at the end of each lesson. At the end of the final lesson, you’ll take a 60 question, multiple-choice exam to earn your certification. This certification is intended for Service Hub professional and enterprise users.


Each section has a different weight, and you can see the weighting of each section when you start the exam. You can also see the number of questions in each section.

If you’re not sure about an answer, you can mark the question and come back to it later. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you can review your answers and change any that you want before submitting your exam.

When you’re ready to submit, click on the “Finish Exam” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll then see your score and be able to download your certificate if you pass.

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