Which of the following is not a benefit of ARA Premium?

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Which of the following is not a benefit of ARA Premium?

  • Comparing metrics before, during, and after a campaign against an indexed baseline of performance.
  • Enabling advertisers to see what other ASINs are commonly viewed alongside a specific product.
  • Detailing the percentage of purchases that are made as repeats versus first time customers.
  • Providing visibility into the most commonly used shopping queries across Amazon



Amazon Retail for Advertisers Certification Answers 2023


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The Amazon retail for advertisers Certification validates an individual’s proficiency in Amazon retail programs as they relate to advertising strategy. Topics include differentiating among types of selling partners, navigating the basics of Seller Central and Vendor Central, optimizing product detail pages for retail readiness, and planning with retail insights and analytic tools. This certification is best suited for advertising and marketing professionals who manage campaigns on behalf of Amazon selling partners.


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